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Ok tomorrow is Halloween, the first real holiday besides Mother's day (which was bad enough) that we will have with out my mom. How does one do it? I mean she was there for all of the holiday's and acting like a kid. We'd go trick or treating and shed be right in between both of my kids, her only grandkids. If halloween is this bad I dred the rest of the year.

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Dear Lopeje,

Last year was my first Halloween without Bob. It was hard because I made all our costumes every year and I couldn't stop thinking about him. It is a good holiday to have as one of the "1st's" because there is so much activity there isn't a lot of time to think. The sadness will hang over you, but take joy in your kids. They get so excited about trick or treating that you'll have fun watching them. You'll miss your mom and that is because you loved her. Watch and listen to your kids, they'll help you get through it and will probably remind you of some really happy times with Grandma. I took a "mob" of neighbor kids with me so mine would have fun and the commotion level was high. It helped.

I'm sorry for your loss. Please let us know how it goes.



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Good ideas Kath had there for ya. And...Yeah thank goodness it is a busy day!

My Mom was real involved with the kids on Halloween too. She went aournd with me and the kids trick or treating every year. The last few.. our son was old enough to be out on his own with a group.. but she went with me and our daughter. But I did just what Kath did.. made sure I was with a Mob of kids & other parents and tried to just focus on the kids.

Our kids did mention missing her being around... but then in time.. they just got cuaght up in the excitement of the day and were ok in the end.

But yeah.. Special days and Holidays bring their unique "missing" don't they?


If it helps.. just know there are a few of us who will be struggling a bit too with you.


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