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2 Year Anniversary

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Today is the two year anniversary of Kathy's death. It doesn't feel like that long.

I'm having a much better day than I expected, though it's not over; and I'll be getting together with her son, mother, best-friend and my current partner for dinner this evening.

Where a year ago was a time of rawness, confusion, and hurt, I feel more recovered now; though still a long way from where I'd like to be.

I'd like to have my emotions more accessible. I'd like to be more excited about life than I am. I'd like to feel a clearer love for my partner. I wish riding a bicycle was as enjoyable as it used to be.

Please wish along with me for me the patience and strength to keep on working at life.

I know Kathy would want me to be enjoying life a lot more than I am yet.


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You have made great strides in the last two years and are doing everything you can to rebuild your life. I'm sure you're tired of hearing how it just takes time, but it does. I wish you the best in this time together and hope it is an enjoyable get together. My thoughts will be with you.


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Maury Last week was for me also the 2 years anniversarie.Im hurting alot and can not find reason and any kind of happy moments.Please add me to your prayers for strength and a better way of life .Wish you find your way also and share love with your new partner.TENY

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