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A Christmas Idea For You

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Hello All my friends,

Jack has been gone nearly 3 and a half years now. During the first few months follow his death and just before Christmas 2005 I gave Jack's son A Box filled with all the items that represented his father. Each one was wrapped and place in a box which i called "My Father's Box." I may have presented this idea to you before, however, there are so many new faces on this web site that I felt it may be appropriate to retell the story and present to you again this idea. Perhaps each of you have someone special in your life that also suffers from the loss of your partner/spouse or mate. What follows is a copy of the letter I gave to Jack's son along with "the box" that contained all the memories representing his father. Here is what the letter said:


“My Fathers Box”


In this box - “My Fathers Box” - are all the things in life that represents your Dad’s life and what he loved. They are items - that when you see them - they will bring back memories of who he was - and what gave him joy as he lived his life.

So many of these things are just “little things” – but when taken together – they truly give a sense of - who he was - what he did – and how he lived his life. Open each precious piece of memorabilia - and then keep it in this box as a constant reminder of that wonderful man you called “Dad”. Keep “My Fathers Box” of memories always - pass along the story that each item represents to your children – this will keep his memory alive and provide you comfort at the same time.

Your Dad loved so many things like ……….

• Lemon Curd and “Wintogreens” - Cherry Kool-Aid and Windmill Cookies – the Cherry Kool-Aid and Windmill Cookies had to go together.

• “I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter” and Gram Crackers – but it had to be the Honey Gram Crackers.

• Anything with Cranberries or Blueberries – But Cranberries were his all time favorite taste – Unless he was eating the Lemon Curd straight out of the jar.

• Jell-O – especially Pistachio or Cherry and Raspberry.

• Altoids Breath Mints – and tooth pickers – which he called Shep Pickers.

• Vitamins and Herbs – crazy for anything new – If there was a new “Snake Oil” being sold he was first in line.

• Darkkar Cologne – and the lotion too – and Gleem toothpaste – it had to be Gleem.

• Caress and Dove Soap in the Shower and Neutrogena Bath Gel – He loved Brand names – not generic.

• Contact Lens’s and Carmex for his lips – had to be Carmex.

• Sunglasses - expensive ones – like Serengeti – nothing cheap.

• Phones – Both Land Line and Cell – I often told him it was as if a phone was growing out of his ear.

• Cars – Car Shows - and especially Cadillac’s – he had 7.

• Tires for cars – loved to get new tires – sound familiar?

• Home Shows – when one was in town – we had to go.

• McDonalds – the Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Fries – along with a Diet Coke – to watch his weight.

• Movies – Movie Popcorn – on a Saturday, Sunday – or Friday or Monday Afternoon. He would cry at sad movies – He would also tell me he loved me.

• The Movie “Pretty Woman” – his all time favorite – he would watch it anytime – and Bruce Willis – if he was in a movie we had to see it.

• Anything that Patsy Cline sang – this was his favorite singer – He was very romantic and loved her love songs.

• Pillows – lots of pillows in bed – around him – must have made him feel warm and secure.

• Hairdryers and mirrors and dye and clippers and scissors and combs and brushes and the customers that went along with all these things.

• Arizona summers – and Thanksgiving and Christmas – he loved these two holidays. I always gave him one Christmas present as soon as the tree was put up. He always got one or two new Christmas ornaments each year – usually a Hallmark – nothing cheap.

• Anything and every thing to do with Family, Friends and Dachshunds – He really loved Dusky.

Your Dad – Just loved Life.

But the thing that he loved most in life will not fit in this box – nor is there any box big enough to hold his most precious love - since most of all he loved.......

You – and Me.

Love you Tom,


Dear Son – “Keep this Box – and Letter – together – pass along its contents and memories to Madison and Mia and I will live forever in your heart - as well as theirs.”

Love you Son,



I hope this information will inspire some of you do do something similar in memory of your lost loved one.

John - Dusky is my handle on here

Love you Jack

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Your idea is great, what a wonderful thing to do! George wasn't my kids' dad, but he was a wonderful stepfather for the short few years he was in our lives and they love/d him very much. We enjoy sharing memories of him with one another even today.



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