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Missing Wendy

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I would rather not bring up Wendy`s absence at all, she needs her rest. But so many of you have sent such wonderful prayers and notes that she felt something needed to be said. Wendy is hanging in there, doing the best she can, this cycle of grief has begun all over again for her and your messages are very comforting. Unfortunately, she also finds it terribly upsetting to have to enter the site to retrieve these notes, she asks that you understand if she doesn`t get back to you for a while. Do you remember a time in your grief that you just needed to be alone, to deal with the overwhelming feelings and emotions wracking your mind and body? Do you remember, or are you still not getting any sleep, not wanting food or drink, not caring about much? This is where she is right now, way back in the beginning and will need to work through it all another time. She asks that if you want to send her a note or need to contact her, that you do so through me for the time being. Just click on my name and then again on ¨send a personal message¨ and I can assure you that she will have your words within the day. Please continue your prayers and at some point she will need to converse with all of you again. God bless us all!

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