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Hello all you bright lights,

Marty and I were discussing Recommended Reading for grief, books that can maybe help each and every one of us. I recommended a book called "Good Grief: Healing Through the Shadow of Loss" by Deborah Morris Coryell, which I recently read. Marty was kind enough to add it to her Grief Bibliography.


Grief Bibliography

I just was curious about the books myself, and thought I would share. :) It s a great big list!

"Good Grief," regardless of its title that may seem to make fun, is actually quite exceptional. I feel it is compassionate, and also very insightful. It is a book that understands that our hearts are broken, and helps us to look deep into ourselves. It is empowering and it acknowledges our need to hang onto our loved one, and turns this need into something that can continuously pervade our lives: love.

Anyway, check out the books. :)

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A book that literally "saved" me the first year was Grace for Grief: Daily Comfort for Those Who Mourn by Michael and Brenda Pink. Each day had a short bible verse, a reflection and suggested bible passage to read. It gave me focus and direction when I had none. Even the way I received it was a blessing. I wanted to pray and read the bible, but didn't know where to start or what to ask for. All of a sudden, this book arrived in the mail from my boss' wife's prayer group. The first reading I opened to was from Psalm 40:2 "I waited, waited for the LORD; who bent down and heard my cry". I was floored. I've since given my copy to a friend that lost her husband and I wish I had a dozen more to hand out to those who need help.

I know I talk a lot about God and I realize that may be a huge turnoff for a lot of people. Early on, I felt that the only way to handle such intense pain was through Him, so I made a conscious effort to seek Him out. It has helped. Today, I feel blessed and cared for.

All my best,


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Dear kath,

Thank you for your heart-warming post. I am not a Christian but I am religious, and I personally agree with you about turning to God for shelter.

My mother had her first child pass away in the 70s, and she said that what got her through her grief was taking shelter of God and scripture and really, really focusing on the spiritual view and side of her life.

I will definitely look into that book you shared, not only for me but also for my uncle, who read a few very sweet Bible passages at my dad's memorial service.

I am so happy to hear that today, you are feeling blessed and cared for. What a wonderful feeling.

best wishes,


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