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What I Miss About You


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Sunday it will be one year since Tom left this world. I still wish he had taken me with him but for some reason he couldn't. I wanted him to know how very much I miss him so I wrote this poem and will take it to the gravesite this weekend.

Things I Miss About You

By Me

Your "ought to been" red hair

Hazel eyes

Beautiful smile

Tender heart

Warm hands touching my skin

Pale legs from winter

Freckles in the summer

Loving touches

Gentle kisses

Warm body against mine


Doing things together

Looking to the future

These are just a few of the things, I miss about you.

I know your are happy in Heaven and I'm trying to adjust here on earth.

Just waiting every day until we can be together again.

I love you great big Bunchins.

Miss You Forever,


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