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The Terrible Pain

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I lost my husband of 46 years on Oct 20, 2004. I do not know how I will go on without him. I came back to an empty home today. My grown children wanted me to stay with them a little longer, but I felt the need to come home. I feel such deep pain and loss, will I ever get over this feeling of emptiness? We had a wonderful life together and I am trying to hold on to that memory. He lost his battle with Prostate cancer and the last few months of his life were very bad for him. I am glad he is over that pain, but I will miss him terribly. Hospice of the Valley were a godsend and I will be forever greatful for everything they did to make his last days as comfortable as they could.

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My dear Grace,

Your loss is so recent, and I am so very sorry that you have reason to find yourself here with all the rest of us now, in a place where I’m sure you never wanted to be. But we do want you to feel welcome here, and we’re very glad you came.

If you haven’t heard from HOV’s Bereavement Office yet, I can assure you that one of our Bereavement Counselors will be contacting you by phone very soon to inform you of all the bereavement services available to you at no charge over the next 13 months. Our services include educational materials, correspondence such as our bimonthly newsletter, periodic telephone contact, ongoing bereavement support groups at various locations throughout the Valley, and individual bereavement counseling if you feel a need for that. Please feel free to contact our Bereavement Office for more information, at 602-530-6970 or 602-530-6971. (If anyone else reading this message wishes to receive our bimonthly newsletter, please contact HOV’s Bereavement Office and ask to have your name added to our mailing list.)

I know your home feels empty now without the physical presence of your husband, Charlie, and I can only imagine how alone you must feel. But you are not alone. This online Discussion Group is always available to you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Here you will find some of the kindest, most sensitive and caring people you will ever hope to meet. Here we’re all bound by the common experience of loss, we’re all on the same journey, and we’re determined to help one another find our own way along this difficult path.

Wishing you peace and healing,

Marty T

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