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Missing Mom And Dad


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One, two, three, four,

Who is special at my door,

It is mom and dad you see,

and there busy as a honeybee,

How I miss them today so sad,

mom was a great and so was dad...

I love you both so very much,

and I loved your special touch...

Love Shelley

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You were saying good-bye to this site just when I was starting. I am glad you are back. You are always so sensitive to all of us here. This poem is sad. It makes me feel like you are alone. But, my dear, you are surrounded by family. All of us here care deeply about you. Love, Kath

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It sounds like you have had a lot on your plate the last several years. It is good to keep busy, but you also have to give yourself time to grieve. If you keep it all bottled up you eventually explode. I know it's not the same but there are lots of cyber (((((((hugs)))))))))) here, so keep coming back.

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Hi, yes i have had a hard couple of years.

thankyou for writing me.I had them living in a inlaw apartment off my home now we are trying to fix it up so we can rent it . My husband is in more of a rush than me it's too hard just yet. I told him that but i wasnt working while i was caring for them and we need another income to keep things a floate here.

I am trying to push myself for my kids and my husband because they feel so helpless that they cant help me .How about you how are you ?? talk soon jill .

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Hi All,

I made this peom sound like I am all alone and I am atleast in the summer months... In the summer months I rarely see any of my family... They drive away on Friday afternoons and I do not see them again until late Sunday nights... I used to like being alone but now I wish it would be cold all year round.. atleast I would see the family more... I have tried getting to know other people, I joined our local gym, I volunteer at the local school and go out for lots of long walks with the dog but still have not found any real new friends... As the anniversaries come and go I just feel left out of this world like I am outside looking in through the window of life... Shelley

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