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Boo, Kathy (mrs.papajohn), Mossfire

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And Ebie too. I am sorry to have to meet all of you through this site. Your terrible losses tear my heart as they do your own, you are all just beginning what will probably be the most difficult journey you have ever undertaken. And this one, not by choice. Grief is not an easy road and you will find the people here invaluable as you work through each phase. Your earlier post Boo, about the piece from NOVA is a clear description of what so many of us have experienced or are still dealing with. My only addition would be to say that everyone`s journey will be unique, don`t try to force your way through. Grief has its own timetable. The relationships we had, the lives and characters of ourselves and our spouses, all contribute and define the course of our grief. You may find yourselves drawn to people here with similar losses or history, bond to these people to help each other along. Read back through the past posts and stories of the lives of those of us a little further on, don`t hesitate to ask questions or spout off about anything that concerns you. We have all been there. Perhaps not exactly in your shoes, but close enough to see your footsteps. This is a wonderful place. These are caring, compassionate people that will be here whenever you need or want company. Please make yourselves at home here.

Love, (((Hugs))) and Prayers

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