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"in Memory Of"


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"In Memory Of"

by Chai

In Memory of

Is a difficult thing

To wrap one's head around

How do you sum up a life?

How do you say,

He was this, or that,

When each of us are many things

And at many different times?

I could tell you of a man

Who never gave up

Who gave out wisdom like cookies

And then laughed like a child

Who was free, and at peace

I could say all the ways

(though I could never really say all)

In which he made my life more complete

And all the parts of him I loved most

Or what I 'will always remember.'

But memory is fickle

And words, not always enough

So I will suffice to say

Just a few things.

My father was a good man.

He never meant harm.

He wanted to heal the world

And give his heart to everyone.

When he loved, he loved fully,

No ifs, ands, or buts

And he could always look you in the eye

And tell you the Truth.

There are always more things to say,

To do, to think of, to plan

But my father understood how

To appreciate life's intricacies

The little things are sometimes

The most memorable and sweet.

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