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Grief: Finding Our Way

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This announcement comes to us from Grief & Creativity Coach Kara L.C. Jones:

What: Grief: Finding Our Way - 6 Week, Online Small Group Session

Starts: April 3rd, 2009

Weekly: Materials available for download every Friday by Noon (PST) on April 3, 10, 17, 24 and May 1, 8

Place: Connect in from wherever you are whenever it is convenient for you

Price: See below for participation options!

"...I will use these tools forever..."

-Grief: Finding Our Way participant

Participant Benefits include

* Discovery of Your Sacred Space

* Conscious Exploration of Grief's affect on Self-Story

* Choosing to Integrate “a new normal” and release expectations of “old normal”

* Tending to Your Best Self with time dedicated to you each week

* Creativity as Fuel for your projects and BEing

* Learning to Live Life After Loss by practicing with new self-care tools

* Exploring at your own pace throughout the six week session and beyond

* Materials to inspire other concurrent, self-development coaching or therapy you are doing

* heART Group Level sharing and support on the private class forum

* Creative Coaching Level to take your experience to a deeper level of exploration

Prices, Registration, & Participation Options:

Level 1: Self Paced $24/person (10 spot available)

Copy of Mother Henna's "Creative Supplies" introduction

Weekly workbook exercises posted in PDF format.

Weekly MP3s for your listening meditations & experiences.

Level 2: heART Group $44/person (10 spots available)

Everything in Level 1 PLUS:

Password Protected, moderated forum board dedicated as safe, sacred space for your group only.

Forum board discussion and private messaging with your peers and the facilitator.

Level 3: Creative Coaching $114/person (6 spots available)

Everything in Level 1 and 2 PLUS:

One hour personal tele-coaching with Grief & Creativity Coach Kara L.C. Jones.

(Note: Long distance charges may apply as with any call on your phone service.)

Registration will remain open until spots are filled or until the day before class starts, whichever comes first.

About Grief: Finding Our Way

It might be the written word that leaps out and pulls us back to life after grief shatters everything. It may be that we have to learn (or re-learn) that art is as present grief, and then allow the art to reshape us as readily as grief destroyed us. The path from the moment of crisis and loss back to some sort of transformed life will not look exactly the same for any of us. But the tools for creating our unique paths are available to any and all of us. We must make the choice and commitment to pick up the tools, try them out, cherish what works, and let go of what does not work.

This does not mean we "get over it" or "find closure" or forget what happened. It simply means that we find ways to use creativity to integrate grief experiences into our everyday lives. We learn to live again after death. We learn to prosper again after total loss. This grief coaching group is all about trying out various tools, playing, finding our way. It isn't just "rebuilding brick by brick". This session is about finding the grains of sand that can become pebbles, that become rocks, that become cement, to make the bricks with which we can rebuild one by one.

No previous art experience necessary. Some participants just use the process for self discovery and relaxation practice. Others use session materials to fuel writing memoir, novel, short stories, poetry, making art, journalling, collage, painting, scrapbooking or other expressive arts. It's entirely up to you.

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Teny, dear, I'm so glad that you're interested in this program, but I think the best person to answer your questions about this course would be Kara Jones herself, the person who is offering these workshops. Please feel free to tell Kara that I encouraged you to contact her directly. Her e-mail address is kara@motherhenna.com

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