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Hi All,

I lost my Uncle Ted on April 21 2008, I am sadden because of all the family after my parents died he was the closest to us and helped my family out so very much... Now that he is gone I feel a much larger hole in my heart... I know we have more of my dad's side still with us but it just does not seem the same without Uncle Ted and all his jokes... I miss you tons Uncle Ted but I know that you are with your sister and brother in-law and your brother and sister -in-law as well as your parents and are probably having a great big party till all of the rest of us meet up with you... Take care Shelley

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Starkiss, I know how very special an uncle like this is ... I had an uncle Peter who really helped us when our Mom and Dad died, even though he was hurting himself. He died of rapid leukaemia 3 weeks after diagnosis, at home.

Like you I like to think of them all up there together, and sometimes I wonder if because we all talk to each other now, that they all meet wherever they are. Grief makes you think the strangest things!

One of my friends (who lost her little boy) tells me that the hole in your heart eventually gets filled with love instead of sadness. I like this thought because it gives me hope, and I hope it does you too.

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