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Love Songs Always Make Me Cry

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I know it is Sad songs always make me cry, but the "love songs" we both loved so much make me so sad. I went to see the play Forever Plaid with several friends tonight and didn't remember all the love songs in it. At first I wasn't sure I'd be able to stay. All I had remembered from seeing it with Tom was that we both laughed so much and here I was on the verge of tears. I made it through and did enjoy myself but am still a little sad too. Does it ever get any better? Am I ever going to be able to listen to my Barry Manilow tapes again? We always loved them and now I just get tearful.

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Embrace those tears, Mary Linda. The songs I cried about the first year that reminded me so much of Bob now bring joyful memories of the time we were blessed to share. Like everything, it rolls with the waves. A friend had overheard one song I had playing and she commented how sad that song was. To me, the song acknowledged my loss and gave me hope that we would be reunited some day. At that moment, it didn't make me sad or depressed, it just made it real. And remembering those times together, are always better than fearing I'd forget.

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I'd agree with Kath.

Although, like Mary Linda I cannot listen to certain songs, I do know that after my father died, I could not listen to Puccini for 3 years, nor any strong tenor voice (because he had one). But today? I sit and smile and enjoy this music periodically and think of my Dad.

I'm sure that eventually I'll be able to listen to Dido's "Thank You" or Van Morrison's "Someone Like You" (which we got married to). Just NOT YET.

Music and scent are both so evocative, aren't they?

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