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I Miss My Mom

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It has been a year and 3 months since my mom left us and I am still suffering. I feel I have no one to turn to as I hate to burden people with my problems. My Mom was a very important part of my life, we talked daily. Lived about 5 mins away. Since 2007 we have had on going major health issues with my parents. I have been a rollercoaster of hell. My Dad had triple by pass, infection, another surgery 6 weeks later and than an ICD within the same year. Then 2 months later my Mom got sick, with panceatic cancer. She died April 2, 2008 at 11:45pm. I was there for all of this. Now I am alone and have to struggle to raise my four girls without my Mom' support and guidance. I feel abandoned and lost.

I am so glad to find a forum that is for grief and healing. Thanks for reading

Bamboo- my user name is for good luck for my future as Bamboo is to bring good luck.

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Hi Bamboo,

Sorry to hear about your loss of your mom. I too lost my mom in March 2. 2009. My husband and I lived with her and took care of her up until the end.. She was a very stong willed woman and I can still feel her spirit all of the time.. Just shortly after she passed I was taking a shower and looked over and to my amazement there was this golden angel shining next to me. I got so excited because I felt it had to be her reaching out to me! I called my husband in to show him because I knew that no one would believe me.. He looked as surprised as I did.. I do photography as a hobby and I ran and got my camera.. You can see for yourself what I saw that morning.. Believe it or not I had taken showers in that room a hundred times and never noticed that angel before.. We have recently moved from her house and I do miss the golden angel that appeared ever so often after that but I still feel her like the other day a hummingbird flew up to my patio window and hovered as I sat with my aunt (her sister) I just knew it had to be her.. Maybe you should try to hang onto the things that you and her shared and focus on them.. I'm not a coucelor but I took care of both of my parents at home with hospice until they both passed and I thank God every day that I was able to spend that time with them. After taking care of them and seeing them talk to people on the other side as they were passing I pray that when it's my time to go I'll be able to meet up with all of them too.. Hang in there and believe that your mom is still with you guiding you and hopefully it will get easier.. Carla


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