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Hard To Believe That I Won't See Him Around Anymore


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Last year it was my mom, today my sweet kitty of 15 years had to be put to sleep. I already miss him. We have had him longer then any animal. He was such a people cat. He loved to snuggle on our lap at night when we were watching TV. He always liked to be around us. He was especially attached to my husband and I know that it was/is hard on my husband. Before he took him to the vet he placed a towel on our bed and laid him down with us this morning. We petted and told him how much we loved him and laid with him until it was time to go to the vet. My husband and daughter took him. I am still on the grief rollercoster from my mom's death so my husband insisted that I stay home. When my husband returned we buried him behind the flower garden in the back yard. Then my husband went riding on his bike and was gone for about 4 hours. I know that he needed to just get away.

I remember when we got him. My daughter of 10 and a friend found a stray moma cat with about 4 kittens. The found homes for the other kittens but not him, so my daughter tried to sneek him in by hiding him under her coat and brought him in the house. Like we wouldn't see him. I insisted no but my husband said lets let her keep him. I am so glad that we did. He really was a unique cat. When she married and moved out he stayed with us. We are all upset, but we were more upset seeing how miserable he was and his pittyful looks at us begging us to put him out of his misery. After 15 years I just can't imagine not having him around.

RIP White Sox, I will miss you!

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My heart and prayers goes out to you on your loss today. I lost my precious Peppers 5 years ago but it still seems like yesterday when it cames to remembering the emotions and feelings that I went through. She was my baby girl and such a part of my life. It felt like my heart had been shattered into a million pieces and would never mend again. I had never expereinced such a deep pain ever in my life. Time has helped with the healing process but I still miss her so much. She has a special place in my heart and always will. I hope these words have provided you some comfort in your time of grief and sorrow.

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