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WOW I asked Bridget to talk with Trixie and I really feel that Bridget connect with her and helped her understand everything. I feel so much better knowing Trixie is okay and adjusting to her new "place". Bridget didn't give me a fluff of rosie BS but really connect with Trixie and my other cat who passed over. www.petsaretalking.com I know this is not for everyone but I needed to know where she was and what was going on with her. I am so glad I did it and Bridget is a amazing talented person with a wonderful gift. I have used someone in the past before and they where okay.

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Hi Wyonna,

I have thought about consulting with an animal communicator, but was going to try the other one you mentioned. This is so fascinating, but I was wondering how can you be sure that she's communicating with your pet. I guess I'm looking for more insight on how this works. Does this give your more closure since the consultation with her. Thanks for any information.

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Thanks, Wyonna, for posting your experience, and the link to Bridget. Her blog, too, is really fascinating & I just spent about a HOUR getting completely lost in it! ^_^ She really sounds like a wonderful woman and kindred spirit. It's also always a real help to get feedback from people about good communicators they've used...especially nowadays, when there are so MANY to choose from! Word-of-mouth is, as usual, the best way to find the best ones. I've used several different ACers, too, over the years, and when they're able to validate for you (through info. they get from your companion) that they've connected with your loved one, it really does help with many facets of grief.

I've managed to do this a few times myself, too, for other people, so yes, we CAN all do this, given enough practice & guidance. Sometimes people's animals (while still on this plane) have just come to me voluntarily during my healing work - always a real thrill & honour. On occasion, with transitioned animals, I've sat down and consciously connected with them as a favour to a friend, or as part of a course in same. It's always brought at least some measure of relief and healing to others. I also once journeyed with one dog as she was transitioning, when she got to reunite with her best canine buddy who'd crossed earlier, and whom she'd missed so very much. It was a glorious thing for her when she first saw him and I clearly felt her utter joy & excitement as she ZOOMED towards him. :wub::D Had me in tears, of shared relief and joy.

But since I'm rather a 'novice' at this yet, and our own emotions about our loved ones can cloud the communication, I've used professional ACers for my own kidlets, and have received much comfort from what came through so I, too, can rest more easily in knowing how they're doing, and even WHAT they're doing. And so I'll be adding Bridget to my list, too.

Again, many thanks, and glad you got to connect more fully with both of your beloveds! :)


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