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I had one of those very upsetting moments, today. Scott had been suing a former business partner (from many years ago) who essentially did the equivalent of selling him a piece of swamp in Florida. Scott had won a judgement against him, but payments petered out more than once over the duration of this saga. While Scott was alive, I had thought Scott was wasting his energy chasing this guy (he has many creditors chasing him...but he leases everything and puts any assets in his relatives' names). But in a recent communication with our lawyer, he basically said that though my husband had made mistakes in his life blah blah blah, AND presumed to say that Scott's drinking caused problems in our marriage. WELL, I am not naive enough to believe that either Scott or I are/were perfect, but where does he get off emailing our lawyer about our marriage??!! Or by saying Scott made mistakes when it was he that screwed my husband / our family out of a bunch of money??! We all make mistakes, but it was the way he said it. And I recently told a friend that if anyone ever looked down on my husband because of his alcoholism, they had better look out... Well, I hadn't been too inclined to pursue this guy to the ends of the earth, but that email solidified my resolve to ensure I don't just go away. :angry2:

And for the record, of course his alcoholism caused problems, just as I have caused problems, as any marriage encounters problems. But, at the core, we were and always will be soulmates. I loved him completely and I know he loved me completely. I was lucky to have such a passionate love affair, and it is so unfair that he died just as he was starting to combat this insidious, cunning, emotionally battering disease. He was a better man than this guy every single day of his life, and though I am not going to let the lawsuit just fade out, neither will I allow myself to waste too much of my emotional energy on this person.

Thanks for letting me vent!


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What an idiot!! Gosh the nerve of some people. Talk about lack of character!! Don't give that "low life" the power to get under your skin. You and Scott were way above his pay grade :) Also, congrats for letting this unfortunate situation be a guide for what you are now committed to do. They are watching out for us and perhaps this is the push you needed. Now he better watch out. Remember what they say, for every one finger they point at you he has three more pointing right back at him. I am hoping, praying that your lawyer gets to work to find out his and to get what is yours. He is a very sad, pathetic human being.

You know what you had and the love you "equally" shared with Scott... Noone!! can ever take that away from you.



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Just the fact that this guy would get personal shows how immature and worthless his character is. I would not waste a minute fighting this guy because as you said Scott is your soulmate. I would not let off either on pursuing the legal case and it helps to to blow off your steam on this discussion site rather than directing it at the hot air head who would not understand.


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