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Papa Freddie

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This is just a sweet little story. It brought tears to my eyes when I heard it and the tears are flowing as I tell you about it. Today my daugher told me that she was outside on the swings with her 4-year old son. He was asking about Papa Freddie and wondering just how long it took Papa to get to heaven. His Mom told him that she thought it was pretty fast. To keep the dialogue open she told him that she missed Papa Freddie too. Travis responded with, "Papa Freddie made me eggs." When Travis spent the night with me and Fred once, Travis remarked, in third person, as little one do,"Travis likes eggs." From then on Fred always offered him eggs for breakfast and Fred and I would always look at each other and say, "Travis likes eggs." It makes me so sad to know that there won't be any more memories made with Travis and Papa Freddie. He was a great Papa.

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Thanks for sharing this sweet memory. I know that it is sad to think about our loved ones not seeing their grandchilden grow up. I feel the same way about Brian's grandson, Connor. He misses his "Boom Boom." The other week he told his mom he thought "Boom Boom" could part the fluffy clouds and come back to earth to see him. I wish that he could, too. I hope some day that our memories will make us smile . . . not yet. Hugs to you.

Peace, love, and blessings,


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It is a beautiful story - thanks for sharing. Of everything, I think the thing I will miss the most is, when our daughter gets older, seeing her going, "Daddy! Daddy! I love you!", and running into his arms. I see it in my mind already.


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