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Thought I would share this with everyone this morning. I do not believe there is a copyright infringement because our pastor encourages us to share these with everyone. Hope this helps everyone as much as it did me this am.

"Look at me and help me! I'm all alone and in big trouble." Psalm 25:16, MSG

When troubles come our way, one of the things we need to know is that what we're going through is fashioning something. We need to be reassured that God is in charge.

When you hit the really big difficulties in life, it is sometimes tempting to doubt God's goodness and to question His love. It's at those times that you might be skeptical of God's wisdom in His allowing these things to happen to you. You might even find yourself getting angry at God. I'm not going to tell you that is the way you should want to be, but you are not a bad Christian just because you feel that way. It proves you're human, and there are all sorts of things that play into this. I do those things! I don't want to question God, but on the scale of how much I understand God, I am so low. I don't understand some of the stuff He does, and in all honesty, there are times when I just say, "Father, I can't understand how this could possibly be a good thing!"

At those times, I also step into a faith mode and say, "But I trust you, Lord." Faith is trusting when you don't know the reason or the outcome or the "why." Faith is when you trust God when things don't seem right and you can't see a good end. It's one thing to quote, "All things work together for good to those who love the Lord," but it's another thing when you can't possibly see how this could work together for good. In the big eternal picture we can trust that we are not going to be standing back saying, "You know, God, I would've done that better than You."

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Thanks for sharing. I especially needed to read that last sentence today. I know that God is so much larger than we can even imagine. I know that God is all love and is always with us. But as I head into the weekend (which I find really challenging), I find myself asking God to explain the whys or to give Brian back to me. This comes from my humanness and from my longing to be with the one I love. I know that Brian is in a beautiful place with Jesus and there is no pain or strife. I know that we are merely separated by the veil. I believe that he can see me through the veil and can help to strengthen me. And, I know that one day we will be together again. For now, I trust that God will help me forge my way through this grief and that some day there will be healing for my soul. And, all will be well if I continue to place my faith and my trust in God.

Peace, love, and blessings,


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