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Missing My Mom

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My mom passed on 29 August 2009. She had been fighting Cancer for 4 years and I am sure she knew in May she was not going to survive. She had turned 80 the past July and she was ready.

She and I talked every day for the past 2 years and she could let me know how she really felt. My brother, who lived with her, did not even want her to cry and my sister didn't want to face her passing.

The last day was the hardest on me as I was the only one to sit with her besides the great hospice nurses and staff. I understand why my brother and sister could not be there that day, it was their way. Mom did not want a funeral so we buried her ashes out on my sister's farm. That was her only wish.

My granddaughter lives with us and she has had a hard time this past 3 weeks as she wanted to call her Nana Bert and talk about the Avalanche win. Mom was a rabid Avalanche fan!! When she could afford it she got tickets and went to the games. We'd get a blow by blow of the game when she got home.

The closer we come to Thanksgiving the harder it gets to deal with her being gone. I woke up this morning and could do nothing but cry..... I understand this is all part of the process but it seems so hard at times.

The one thing that has helped me from time to time is the very old Cherokee Saying : "When a good person dies, their soul races to the night sky and becomes a bright star to lead you on your path." I know I have a very bright star guiding me and mine.

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I am so sorry on your loss, Mystclwlf. I lost my Dad this year, too, and I didn't realize how hard Thanksgiving would be. I usually didn't even spend the holiday with him, but it was nice when he was there.

My father died of cancer, and I know the very special person you are for being with your mother in her time of need. Thank you for sharing that beautiful Cherokee saying. It really fits. Tears are so healing and are a good treatment. I have learned so much on this website since April and going through and reading the posts really helps.

Take special care tomorrow, and know you aren't alone.


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Wa Do (thank you)

It is good to find those that are going through the same and help each other to understand loss.

May the Creator Walk With you always.


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