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Sharing A Heart Warming Healing Story About Our White Cat

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Hi Everyone~

I am new here..so I wanted to say hello and wish all a warm holliday season!

I so look forward to meeting and share stories of like minds. I would like to

share a true story that took place in May of 2005. First of all I am a feline

person mostly now, even though I have owned some awesome dogs, mice, goldfish,

rabbits,hamsters,birds,etc. well, all of cats were free needing a good loving

home. My husband had a beautiful white cat when he was younger and I wanted to

surprise him one day with a beautiful white kitten in the newspaper. I drove

out to see her and fell in love..she was just precious. Her eyes as a kitten

were as blue as the m&m shell candies. Later as she grew into a beautiful young

solid white lady..her eyes turned the most awesome light foam green color..My

husband named her MiMi. Well, to make a long story short MiMi took to me instead

of my husband, so she was connected strongly to me and the other way around too!

Sad as it is today..we lost MiMi on May the 24th 2005. She went very fast of an

lung illness that the emergency Vet tried to save her but she chose to leave. I

have to let you all know..I know a part of me died with her..I was numb and in

shock truly..never, ever, experienced a loss so quick over someone I loved so

deep. I remember coming home and just screaming and crying calling her name out

MiMi I love you..please give me a sign or something to let me know your ok or you

hear me. I took off from work the next day and I wanted to have her cremated. I

went to the store with my husband and found a beautiful pink orchid to put with her.

I told her how much she was loved and how much she will be missed. Well, the 3rd day

after her passing which was Friday, I came home after work always looking at our

back screen door as I did the previous 2 days..remembering her waiting for me and

rubbing her self against the screen. On that day I pulled in looked at our back

screen porch and what I saw I couldn't believe it..a strong sunlight was shining

in the direction of our back porch and I saw a silhouette of her rubbing against

the screen window. I turned my head the other way stating oh please I must be

losing it..and turned back to look again. It was still there or she was rubbing like

she always did..I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me or my mind..maybe so,

but I truly feel in my heart the she wanted me to know she was fine and the light came

from the Angels so I could see it was her...I got out and called her name and started

to cry. I truly felt so much better and what anguish, pain, and grief I was going

through..whomever knew or saw this happening to me..wanted me to be at peace within

and start healing. All I know, is part of me felt it was real..so real that the image

was still there when I looked back rubbing like she did..and even if I did imagine it

I am glad it happened..I felt so much better and I thanked MiMi and Angels for bringing

her to me one more time. I know all our beloved animals will always reside in each and

everyone of us..for they are never gone truly..I also believe one day we will see our

animals again!

Thank you all for listening..this made me feel warm and loved inside...


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I truly loved this story. It is so comforting to believe I will see my Tiggy Boy again. He is so terribly missed. I wish I could have seen him like you saw your beloved animal. When I read things like this I just wish they would happen to me. But for some reason they don't. I see pictures of him around my home with his sister, Luvi, and it hurts. I can only write out the pain and cry and try to recover from it.

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