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Last Christmas Duke bought me this beautiful card. I have it sitting right next to Santa in the kitchen with a picture of him last christmas.

It says: FOR MY WIFE WITH SPECIAL LOVE...I wish I could buy you a thousand beautiful gifts for Christmas but I know the things that make life happy can't be bought-- like love, and the closeness two people share. Time--days spent together, when we're happy no matter what we're doing. Kindnesses -- the little things we do for one another. These can't be bought and yet they're the greatest gifts of life.

And so for Christmas, I'm giving you a promise as a part of my gift-- A promise to love you even more and make you even happier--To make all our days together days to remember always, to cherish, as the priceless treasures they are...

This promise is my special gift for you. a gift to keep forever. HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS. LOVE "FOREVER"

And I promise to love him forever.

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I bought myself a new Ironman watch, which I am going to wrap up and put under the tree. Scott bought me a new watch almost every Christmas, and I know he had been intending to buy me another one as he missed last Christmas. Thank you, Baby!


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What a great idea! George was so good at knowing just the right thing to buy for people...they were talking about this subject on the radio the other morning and I wanted to call in and share my story, but I didn't. My son, Paul, was in the service and George bought him a pair of wool pants like you get at army surplus...they were brand new and still had the tags on them. He quietly put them in my son's room, and never mentioned it to Paul...it wasn't his birthday or Christmas, he just bought them.

After George passed away, my son came home on leave and the night before he was to go on an Elk hunting trip in the wilderness, he came out of his bedroom with a dumbfounded look on his face and he was holding up those pair of pants and asked me, "Where did these come from???" I said, "Oh George got them for you...he just thought they were something you could use." They fit him perfectly, even though he's a small size. He said he'd been looking for over a year for a pair and couldn't find them anywhere, and he'd always wanted some but had never voiced it. It was as if George was alive and still giving to him...

He was that way. No one could ever take his place or fill his shoes, he was just a very special person that way. I don't expect anyone to ever be like him in his gift-giving abilities or the knack he had at picking out just the right card...but yes, every once in a while I run across something and think, "If George were alive, he would buy me one of those..."

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