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Pet Remembrance Video 2009


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I heard Dr. Mark Hanks speaking as a recent guest on a paid web-class I'd signed up for throughout this last year, and was very touched by his understanding ways towards both his patients and clients and the human-animal bond - a real softie and yes, definitely a kindred spirit!

One of the caring services/projects that Mark provides for members of his Kindred Spirits Community is an email list you can subscribe to. (if interested, ask to be signed up for his email list membership through his contact info. on his website) He sends out emails (like a very short newsletter) every so often, and you can reply to him if you choose to, or just read them. He's gearing up for expanding the way it's delivered, as it's grown much more than he first anticipated.

He and his staff have begun a tradition of remembering the patients that they have lost. Every year they decorate their clinic (in Orrington, ME) tree with ornaments made by their clients in honor of their departed pets. All of the previous year's ornaments on hung on the beams in the clinic, so no one is ever forgotten in this ritual.

Additionally, he asked people who'd lost a pet in 2009 to send him a picture and they made a slide show from them, which I've just received. Since the Christmas season can be so difficult for many of us, and we often need some release from all our painful emotions through a good, cleansing cry, I wanted to share it here with everyone. You can view it on Youtube

The accompanying song is very poignant, so get out your tissues beforehand! :unsure: I particularly resonated with the line that spoke of the bereavement as "like holding my breath underwater," since, that's exactly how I've found much of my time without my furbabies to be like. I often feel that's how I'm living....until I can see them again....

Last year's slide show is on the website, too - here. If you have registered for/on his website, just sign in and you will see the community section on top. Go to Kindred Spirit Videos and watch it there.

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Beautiful, Maylissa ~ Thank you for sharing this with us. It warms my heart to know that you are still "out there" searching for and informing us of all the wonderful resources you find to help us on our own journeys of loss, and I hope you will continue to do so. Bless your warm and caring soul :wub:

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