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Christmas Greetings

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to send my wish that everyone has the best holiday season they can under the circumstances. I know that some are dealing with deep depression and so I will say a special prayer to my entire family here. (I believe we're all like a family).

It's been 3 months since I lost my mom, and the only thing that brings me comfort is knowing that she's in a better place. While my mom wasn't a sickly person per se (heart disease but she seemed ok), the truth is she didn't enjoy living life that much. Her whole life was very hard- lousy childhood, she lost her mom very young, so she didn't trust people very much. As close as we were she still had a wall up till her dying day. After retirement she became more sad. She had no savings, no close friends, depressed about all the weight she gained, bills, pills, no car, etc. I was the optimist who always tried to cheer her up, and she was the pessimist who told me,"You just don't understand." I always helped her financially but she felt bad taking money from me. I believe she's in heaven now experiencing true joy and peace for the 1st time. If I could have my mommy here for a little while longer, I would. But not unhappy. I'd rather that she be there and happy, than here and miserable. And that helps me deal with the holidays- I don't have to worry about my mom anymore. May 2010 bring love, comfort, and peace to you all.

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I loved my Dabby. my best friend, soul and heart, and will always love her, but while I talked to her friend Lucie, two days ago, she asked me that "whether it was time to let her go." I think it is time for Dabby to be free wherever she is but her love for me and my love for her will always endure.

Thank you,


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