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I was starting to get anxious this morning about New Year's Eve..and how will I get through yet another special day and asked myself where did my strength go. I picked up my datebook later and in it was this quote that I wanted to share with all of you "Your inner strength is revealed by your gentle nature and tender heart". It was not a coincidence...it was there to teach me another lesson....I hope you all manage your way through the end of the year and into 2010.

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Dear Sharon,

that is a beautiful quote you have given us. Thank you very much. I have dread New Year's ever since my dad passed away; this will be my second. I'm not quite sure why I dread New Year's; perhaps because it takes me further away from the happy times I had with my father. I need to do more to keep him alive so that time giong by doesn't seem so frightening...

I need strength. Your quote about strength is strenthening. Thank you for sharing it.

take care,


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