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Just prior to my husband's death I went to the funeral home to "make the arrangements". Little did I know it would be the next day that he died - I thought it might be another week or so.

I made the decision to have my husband's remains cremated after the viewing was over. I picked a lovely urn for the ashes, knowing I would be burying the urn at a National Veteran's Cemetery. I also chose a small, personal sized urn so that I could keep some of his ashes. For myself I chose a small (maybe 4 inches in diameter) solid brass heart shaped container. I also purchased two other small urns - one for his twin brother and one for his son.

This is one of the best descisions I made. I have the brass heart sitting near a photograph of us in my living room. Sometimes I hold it.


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I love that...I have all of my husband's ashes ....we are going to bury them under a tree at the cottage we were building. We are hoping to do that this summer. But I love the idea of holding a few back...I will have to look into that....thanks for sharing.

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We had my husband cremated..he passed very quickly and unexpectedly but David and I had many conversations about whether we wanted to be buried or cremated..We didn't really get much past that point...but I least I knew that was the right choose for him...It was very weird at first, bringing the Ashes home..The whole sensation of it and the realization of it...We had talked about spreading our Ashes out to Sea for we both have a Love for the Ocean.

Our family was going to take a trip on His Birthday in September (also his Mom's) to Maine.. but decide to wait...for some reason I felt it wasn't time to let them go yet...From that decision came my next...I have chosen to wait and when it is my time to pass to have myself cremated and then "Merged with His"...The next chose will be my Sons' as to whether he would like to do the same...When I know his decision we will decide how are Ashes will be freed...

The things that we have had to deal with, think about and finalize are beyond any words...We somehow feel it and know it is the right thing to do....I guess that I believe we are lead to our answers by God, Our Loved ones and our Spirit Guides...

...Through this long, tiring and troublesome road that we now walk we need to see the "Light" and we need carry on our Spouses Spirit "Here on Earth" with however we feel Peace...Because when we feel Peace..They feel Peace...

Love and Peace Everyone and Our Families.


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