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I'm Becomming A Better Person!

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Guest Gamer205

;) Hi All,

For Those that haven't seen my Story about why I first came here,

here is the link right here from these boards


You know its been a long time for me, but I've learned threw it all that even though we might not understand it and why

we lose people were close too, and sometimes I still dont understand it, but I can say It has made me such a Stronger Person

then before, Its Changed the Way I look at everything, and has Also Teached me a Valued Lession of life,

My Friend that I lost was just like a brother to me, and I'll Always be thankful for the friendship that I had with him, but at

the same time, I'm Learning finaley after all this time that its really ok to go on with life, and not feel guilty about it, and to

know that He will Always be in my memory and thoughts and that even now He's still my best friend, and He would want me to be happy

and excited about things to come, and that He still Counts me as his best Friend and that not even death can change that,

I've learned to Value everyone that I'm around, and To Treat that Person with the up most respect cause We really dont know any of us how long were going to be here or how long they will be here, I've learned that the most impoarent thing for me is to try to reach out to others, Try to be a blessing to others, try my very best to Encourage others, to be there when they need someone, that to me is what my true purpose is, and without loseing my friend and the lessions from that I'm not sure I would know it like I do now,

so Best friend of mine, Jason Arvin Thank you so much and You was The Best! and I know I'll see you again, Thank you for makeing me a better person and for showing me what life's really about and that to me is to try and be a diffrence maker! ;)

Take Care all and Thanks For allowing me to be part of you all's community family here, You all are truely the best.

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