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Ever since I lost my Dad (suddenly on 17th dec) I am always feeling cold.

I never felt the cold before winter or summer. Now I can rarely warm up....actually most of the time is only when I am in my car with heating on highest and full.

I used to have to wear tshirts in work all the time. Now I go in with long sleeved top and little jacket/cardigan over it and I'm still cold.

Even at home with 2 rads in the tv room, lots of heavy comfy clothes, a fleece blanket and hot water bottle....then I'm just not as cold.

is this normal ? anyone else feel like that ? I'm not sick, or coming down with anything, just always so cold.


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This feeling of being cold, unable to get warm, has been discussed on our site before (see Cold) and it certainly is a normal reaction for many of us. The physical stress of grief can affect how blood circulates through the body, decreasing the flow of blood to the extremities and causing a sense of coldness. This is but one of nearly two dozen physical effects of grief on the body, all of which are described in this informative video you'll find on YouTube, from Janice Ervin from One Open Mind:

(The coldness sensation is mentioned at about four minutes into the video.)
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