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Mother's Day In Australia.

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It's Mother's Day in Aus. today and it's filled me with sadness.Our daughter,son in law and the grandkids usually visit with the flowers etc. for my June.Our daughter seems to have been affected by it as she complained to me during the week that the T.V. adds. for Mother's Day gifts were getting to her.Then on Friday I had a phone call from our son in L.A. who said he was having his troubles and during the conversation he mentioned the Aussie Mother's Day also.

These celebration days can be very nice till Mother is missing and then the day becomes empty and meaningless.

All take care.


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I have not read any of your previous posts so I am not sure how your wife died but here are some suggestions of things I have done that made me feel better and maybe it will help you and your children.

Sometimes if you still make the day special it helps. Whether it is buying flowers and sitting them beside a picture of June, flowers to the cemetery if she is buried in one, since you can't buy her a gift maybe select someone in a nursing home who has no one and give them a gift in memory of June (which could help you and someone else), give money to June's favorite charity in her memory. Hope these suggestions may help for the next special day.

I am very sorry that you had to find this website but glad you did.

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Those are great suggestions, Mary Linda. Our Mother's Day was quiet, but nice, just Kailyn and myself. I don't need to tell anyone here that I felt the void, especially in the evening. But I got phone calls from my parents, my mother-in-law, and my sister-in-law. And my mother-in-law gave me a card from Kailyn with a note and some money saying Kailyn would like to take me out for brunch - so sweet! (FYI, my family and in-laws all live in very far away - my family about a 16 hour car ride, my inlaws a 5.5 hour plane ride.)


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