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My step father died last february. I have been having a hard time forgiving my step father's relatives. His son who never called on holidays or visited showed up in town the day of the funeral with a trailer and loaded up tools from my step father's workshop. My mother let him do it and it is hard to not feel angry towards his side of the family for being so insensitive. My mother felt presured by his side of the family so she let them take stuff that they had accumulated for 15 years.Sometimes I wake up at night being upset with how they treated my mother.

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Guest Robert27

first off let me say Welcome to the boards to you,

I also want to tell you I am sorry for your Loss,I dont really know how much help I can be but I can let you know I care,

I dont know why people act and do the things they do sometimes, people can be downright hurtful sometimes,

anyway I am sorry for your loss, and just wanted to post and Welcome you here and just let you know I Care.

I hope things get better for you and you get threw your anger.

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Donny,welcome to the site.I cant help much,but I want to say that people are so rude and uncaring,I dont know where they get off.I know how hard it is to lose a father,or father figure,and I have been having trouble with other"sides"of the family since it happened,if not before.I can understand being angry for your moms sake.Through the loss of my father I have started to see people in a diffrent way.I guess all you can do is be there for your mom,be good to yourself,and try to stay away from toxic people.Thats what Im gonna try to do for myself.Good luck to you.

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Hi Donny,

I understand very well the pain and anger you are feeling. I had a similiar experience with my relatives coming into my mother's house and taking what they wanted and packing their cars up and driving out of our lives. Not a call, nothing. The same anger wells up in me almost every day now that its been a little over a month since my mother passed. I have the same questions on why they did what they did and disturbed the things that become treasured to us when our loved one is gone. I am not going to say time this, or time that. Not going to say farther down the road you will understand why. I will say that as you go down this road, that we who are here on this board support you and really care what your feeling. Keep posting, I will say that you need to do what is best for you.. whatever it is. I wish you comfort and peace.

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