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Not a day goes by that you're not in my thoughts

In my mind's eye I'm unable to function.

a glass of Brandy is always in arm's reach.

My heart sings a sorrow tune that only the soul


A dreamless state takes over when the eyes are closed

you appear with every bone in your body reminding the

spirit that you're gone.

The only way he can touch you is through the dreams

that plague him for it's too painful to comprehend

that you are no more.

We must stand alone & take the first step into

repairing the sorrow for it will never go away

it hides itself until our defenses are down.

A teardrop falls hitting a rose that stands with great

poise & showers a screen bubble & images appear of you

whispering "Don't cry for me I'm much better & at peace."

A whisper can be heard thoughout the land.

"I know but that doesn't make the sadness go away."

"Of not being able to say I LOVE YOU & hold your hand

& hear your voice once more."

The ears missing a cry of meow when I come home

the heart is crushed to non repair for I loss

comprehend of repairing itself.

For I mask it with smiles & worrying about others

& not myself nobody knows how much pain the

spirit is in. For I know how to hide the

real reason why teardrops descend on my cheeks.

How can one discuss this when all you ever hear is

not again. In this world the heart feels alone &

nowhere to turn to say how much missing them is so

severe some nights the mind runs wild with no

calmness in sight.

For all these words on paper but it really doesn't

tell anyone how painful it really is.

The spirit doesn't know if another tragedy takes

place if it can survive. He feels there's no

discussion if we can be together to form an unity

or step aside to deal with it on our own.



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