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With Grief, Do You Find Yourself Needing People Around?

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I hate the idea of living alone now. I'd really like the live in a house full of people to form more support, if that makes sense. There's something nice about coming home to a house teeming with people, and you know that if something happens, you have a house full of people to turn to. Am trying to see if I have any family that'd be okay with this.

I feel lonely 24/7. I've never felt so disconnected from the world. :( Even when I've just come back from being with friends, I still feel this deep-seated loneliness that I intuitively feel can only be helped by living with a big family or something like that.

I know this sounds weird...

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hi emptyinside,

nothing at all sounds weird believe me :). I too feel lonely 24/7, even when I am with people there is still a loneliness in me, just that big hole inside I guess. Sometimes I just feel like I don't belong in this world anymore, I feel stuck here while my Dad moved away somewhere I can't go yet, without me.

I live with my Mom so I do come home to her but it's still ever so lonely. I am so scared of her being taken from me aswell. I don't feel part of a family anymore, just me and Mom. my Dad's brother has a big family so when we visit them it's about the only time the loneliness subsides a tiny little bit.....only because they are on my Dad's side, his brother being the closest thing I have to Dad on this earth now. They live 2 hrs away and I often wish so much they were living in the same city so I could be around them more often.

I find I actually prefer being alone most of the time now, part of me feels no matter how many friends and family are "there for me", I am not and will never be their number one like I was for my Dad.(with my Mom being the exception, the only person left on this earth that I can 100% truly rely on),

it's a lonely empty world without my Daddy

much hugs and love to you hun


PS, I just read some of your older posts, not sure if I did before (maybe I did, have no clue!!)....so much of how you've felt over the last year or so just reminds me of myself and how I feel, it's like I could have written everything you wrote. I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Dad (not even sure if I said that to you before). You and your Dad sound as close as me and mine were when he was here. I hate not having him here with me where I can talk to him, hug him, have him comfort me and tell me things will be ok.

another big Daddy girl hug to you,


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I don't think I will ever get used to living alone. Although my son is still living at home he basically just comes home to sleep. He is always at school studying. Med School is so demanding. I always feel better when I am around people and I have wonderful friends and family that try to keep me busy. The only problem is that I have to eventually go home to an empty house. That is when I get that empty feeling inside. I usually write in my journal which helps. I have been told that God has a plan ..... I just wish I knew what it was. :unsure:

Take care,


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I can really relate to what you are saying. I feel lonely a lot, too. Even when I am at home amidst routine with family, I still feel lonely. I feel like if I talked about being sad about life in general, no one would understand. Only being around certain friends helps the loneliness to go away.

I like the idea of coming home to a house teaming with people. I had not thought of that before, but now that you say it, it reminds me of 1) being at festivals, and 2) living at temples, which my mother used to do in the 60s and 70s. Both are connected to religion for me, which I do find to be comforting. I don't think I could stand to live alone, either, now; maybe a few cats, at least.

I hope that you find some comfort and family who are willing to live together like that with you. :)



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