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Grandma loved doing word search puzzles in life. At the sunset of her life, as she stayed in hospice, she tried to do the puzzles then, too. She kept doing puzzles up until a couple of days before she died, and at her funeral my brothers and I placed a word search puzzle in her casket.

Now, 12 days after her passing, I can't stop doing word search puzzles. I guess it's my way of memorializing her, as odd as that sounds.

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Doesn't sound odd at all to me, Lizzie ~ I love it, and I think it's a wonderful way for you to honor the memory of your Grandma! I'll bet she is watching over you right now and smiling as you do those puzzles :wub:

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hi Lizzie,

nope doesn't sound weird at all. I lost my Aunt who was like a second Mom to be 4 years ago (today actually) and she loved her crossword puzzles. I did the exact same thing for a few years after. I would always but the magazines she used to buy with lots of puzzles in them. Haven't done one in a while actually.


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