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I just moved to a new house/new city 3 weeks ago, and my indoor cat decided to run past me and jump over the gate at the back door. At first I wasn't too worried since cats usually stick pretty close to home. Now it is Day 5 and no sign of him. I think something happened to him or he became lost on the 1st day. None of the food/water has been touched that I have been leaving out. He is very, very shy...was once considered feral and will not go to anyone. If he is still alive I suspect he is hiding in someones shrubs or bushes and is not easily seen. He will run if anyone approaches him. I have posted flyers and talked to all the neighbors...not a single phone call or sighting. He is microchipped but the chance of him being caught and ending up at a shelter is very slim. He has a very rough, tortuous first 2 years of his life. When he was first found he had an injury to his eye so bad, the eyeball was hanging out of the socket,and ended up being removed. I have spent the past 2 1/2 years getting him to trust me and let me touch him. I promised to take care of him and protect him and now I have failed him. I don't know where he is or what he is going through. I fear that he will end up living as a feral again with no love, medical care, and never trust anyone again. It has been over 100 degrees every day and I am sure he is dehydrated and hungry. I feel helpless and guilty.

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Hi Justice,

If there is one thing I have learned from my involvement with Hospice of the Valley, it is the importance of turning to experts when we are out of our depth for help immediately. We have a new program at hospice to help people with Chronic illness make more effective decisions and understand options and resources. What this means is that while that person with a chronic illness might not yet be elegible for Hospice of the Valley provided services, instead of being frozen by emotions and feelings of helplessness, they are empowered to take action!

I know of a professional cat behaviorist who has information available that might help but also could be a great resource for you. Her email and website which has information on it is: Email:elizabeth.pericles@cox.net Website:http://allaboutcatsaz.wordpress.com

What I know from my experience with animals, is that when we are feeling the negative emotions, fear, anger, guilt, frustration...animals dont assign labels, they just react to open energy or abrasive energy. the sooner you can do what you have to, to let go of those feelings to move into a calm, centered and open space, the more a fearful animal will respond by coming closer.

What has worked for me in creating positive results from lost animals, is finding the best experience I had with that animal to move me in a good space to set intention of reuniting clearly, then sitting down and visualizing looking into that animals eyes, while imagining a energy fishing line I cast out to hook around their collar (neck) and then I visualize reeling them back into my life/arms/home. what I have found, is that it doesnt work if I have one drop of fear or anxiety, my energy must be like a deep dark quiet, calm pool of well water.

It may help you to go to greatfulness.org to the candle link on the left side, to create a personal or candle group to help add positive energy to yours! here is a link to that place:


Hope that helps, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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Justice, dear, I'm so sorry to learn of this awful turn of events, and I know from my own experience how agonizing an ambiguous loss like this can be. Please know that we're all pulling for you and praying for the safe return of your boy. Whenever those guilty feelings wash over you, please bear in mind that his escape from your home was an accident ~ not due to anything intentional on your part. You might also find this article helpful: When Your Companion Animal Is Missing .

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