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Introducing Storm Arianna-Rose Mariko Chikamori


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She was born July 21, 2010, thus making her my father's first grand-daughter and the one he'll never be able to hold. So there was a bit of bittersweetness in that day. We (my wife, Storm and I)stopped by my father's grave to introduce her to my father (it was a cloudy afternoon and the sun was obscured for most of the day of her release from the hospital) and lo and behold, the sun came out to shine over us as I placed the car-seat beside my father's final resting place. So in some respects, I think he knew.

This was the photo I took of Storm (her first pro-portrait sitting) just minutes after she was born, weighed and bundled up to be handed over to her adoring Mommy.


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What a beautiful bundle of joy your precious baby daughter is! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful news with all of us, and our warmest congratulations to you and your wife! I agree with you completely ~ I think your father knew very well that you were introducing your little angel to him that day. Who is to say or prove it otherwise?!

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