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im 13 and i lost my uncle who was only 39 and had a 2yr old son. i was very close with him, he was my moms only sibling. im really going through a hard time. im having night terrors and ive become very afraid of the dark (im not real sure why but i cant stand the dark anyomore). most of all im worried for my family. he lived with my grandparents (his parents) because he and his wife were going through a divorce (no it wasnt suicide they are sure of it). my grandparents found him lying on his bedroom floor. my grandma is doing a little better than my grandpa but she has diabetes and is sometimes forgeting to eat and forgetting to take her medication. but my grandfather is really having a hard time he can barley ever close his eyes because he keeps picturing seeing his dead son. he could barley look at his picture today at the funeral. my night terrors are usually about my grandparents crying and just sort of disapearing i cant take it. i was wondering if anyone had any advice about trying to get over this i really need help.

RIP uncle jeff

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hello and Hugs

you are hurting so much but you are so brave to be able to write about what you are going through

I do hope your mom and you are able to talk about this - I guess you must both be in this horrible place together, and that you can tell her about your terrors.

I have a 13 year old son who doesn't talk and he is getting in to trouble at school because of it. His dad and I split up and I've been going through a really tough time too and its really difficult.

Keep talking and asking for help. There's no magic cure but your own strength will help you. I'm sure you are afraid for your grandparents because of their age and what happened, and afraid for yourself too as the loss of your uncle is just too big for you to understand.

Can you tell your grandparents of your fears? I don't know much about night terrors as my boys haven't had them but I do know bad dreams always seem less bad when told to someone else so may be you could try. I know you can all help each other and love each other too.

I'm thinking of you and really feel for you having to deal with this and also having to witness the agony your family are going through too.

Crying is good for you too!!

I don't know if any of this will help at all -

but keep on writing.


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Hi Morgan....hugs from me too.......

wow you are so brave........I agree with nickyA .....keep talking to your mom or any other adult you can trust......dont suffer alone......and its very natural you are worrying about your family......

things will get easier for you.......it takes time , sometimes lots of time, there are no rules to follow.....

Im thinking about you and wishing you everything you need to get through this......keep writing too.......it always helps me !

take care

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