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For the past month the doctors have been treating my dad for pneumonia. He went to the ER because he was running a fever of 102 and they did an x-ray and told him that there was a spot on his lung, then prescribed antibiotics. A few weeks later he was put on more antibiotics. On August 31 my dad and I was outside getting ready to go somewhere. He started coughing up blood. I told him that he was going to hospital to get checked out. The ER did x-rays and told him that the spot had spread and that if it was pneumonia the antibiotics would have cleared it up. The ER decided to admit him to oncology. This morning they did a scope procedure (tube down his throat)and got some of the mass. The doctor that performed the test said that he is 95% certain that it is lung cancer. We will know the results probably on Monday. The doctor said that it has spread to his lymph nodes.

Please pray for my dad. He is only 47 years old. We lost my youngest brother on May 25, 2007.

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