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How do I add the photo I have uploaded to my profile page to also show on posts I make below my handle of Sunstreet and above where it says advanced member?

On my profile it says I have not updated my status yet? What is this and how do I update it?

Computer literacy is still a work in progress for me... :wacko:

Blessings, Carol Ann

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when you log into the site, have a look at the top right corner, there will be a little arrow next to your name, click on this and select my profile. In there you will see a tabs called topic/posts .....look above this and there is the option to update your status.

to upload photos, from this same page, on the right, almost to the top you should see "edit profile" button, click on this. On the left side you will see an option "change photo", click on this and there is the section to "upload a photo from your computer".....you need to click browse to locate the photo on the computer.

hope this helps !


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Thanks Niamh and Marty no worries...you have a lot to watch. I uploaded the picture fine and it shows on my profile page but doesn't show up in any posts I make?

Re: Update my status...yes I see where it says update my status, I click on it to update but doesn't seem to work? Am I supposed to type something in there and then update?

Oh well, have to get going now but will play around with it later.

Thanks, Carol Ann

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Also, Carol Ann, to add your picture (aka Your Avatar), click on your name, which takes you to Your Options. Click on the Profile tab, which takes you to Change Profile Information. On the left side, scroll down to Change Avatar, and follow the instructions there.

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