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Little things annoy me. Like not getting my clothes back when they are washed. Or by having my sock over stuffed with others socks so that it's stretched.

Like I said before, I live with my son, his wife and their 6 kids... well the older 5 are hers from a previous marriage and I get a distinct feeling the 14 yr old doesn't like me/doesn't want me here. I talked to mom and dad many times about the clothes situation and instead of finding my clothes, more get lost. They keep saying they'll talk to the one who is in charge of clothes, but that isn't done either.

I don't have many clothes here with me nor do I have loads of money to get a whole new wardrobe. And what's crazy insane is mom acts like I shouldn't be so upset!! And that right there just pisses me off to no end. (Sorry about wording)

The last load I washed, dried myself, but then I got sick with Bronchitis, which I'm still fighting. Mom told me that I should wash my clothes myself... Gee lets see... going down the stairs is a chore in itself, but sure... I'll wash my own clothes. (I have to because all my other non dirty clothes ARE MISSING!!)

Other things have happened and I get the feeling they are telling me I should be grateful for them letting me stay there. (Which I am) But, if mom doesn't talk to her kid, I will... and no one will be happy then.

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I understand what you are saying. I get annoyed at the smallest things now. I have given it some thought and I think it comes down to "lack of control" and feeling powerless. We have lost someone we dearly love and have no power or control to change things. And then other people just go on with their lives as if nothing has happened. Often we are in a positon of having to rely on other people which is another new experiece that we must adjust to. I am trying really hard to keep things in perspective and remind myself that the real reason I am upset is because I no longer have my husband. Life just is not fair, and there is not a darn thing we can do about it. None of us deserve this and again there is nothing that can be done about it.

I hope things get better for you soon.

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I get very annoyed over the silliest things also, something I rarely did before. Now when the g/babies are over and are being noisy it takes a lot of self control not to say anything. I also get irritated when people don't say Thanks if I hold the door or let them in line ahead of me. And on and on...

I'd really like to know why I have become such a grouch.


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Thanks for responding and understanding!! How I explained it to my son is, I would like the same consideration given to me that he gives his wife and kids. As Tommy would put it, Common Courtesy!! Like say, maybe I'd like something at the store, too... How about asking me if I need anything if you are going to the store??!!!??

Lainey, what I think is funny (OK not so funny) is people on the street give me more respect than my own son does. And when I call him on it, he gives me not just an excuse, but a lame one at that.

Redwind, I do agree with you about lack of power/control. Here I went from being in my own home where I made the rules (with Tommy of course) to living in someone else home where I gotta live by their rules. I get that. I really do.

I have so many steps to go through to be in my own place again. When Tommy passed on, I hated being alone. Now, I bask in it. I don't acre as much if I talk to an adult any more. Especially, my adult child because as he said, all I do is complain. And maybe I do. But as I told him if he used the brain God gave him and thought a moment about someone other than himself, I wouldn't be complaining. :D

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