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Hello Everyone....

I am new here... just joined up today. I have lost my mom and dad. My dad passed in 86 and my mom in 2001.. I still miss them terribly and wanted to join to a group where maybe some people would maybe uinderstand all the mixed feelings you can go through in just a 24 hours day time each day and hoping not to get judged and tell me I am wrong all the time or to just get over it... LW

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Hi LoneWolf,

Your mom and dad loved you, that matters more than anyone else , as they don't matter at all. Keep up your courage and your love for your mom and dad. It shows the spirit inside you which would guide you to keep your loved ones always in your heart and they are always by your side. It is hard but that is our only choice to keep up our courage and embolden our spirits. Thanks for sharing your story with us.



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So sorry for ur losses, yeah I think everyone on here agrees you dont have to 'get over it' no matter how much other people think you should, and about the mixed feelings its so normal everything in your life has changed theres no way ur gonna get over it and be fine

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Hi lonewolf

You've definitely come to the right place so welcome!!

I'm so sorry for the loss of your Mom and your Dad. I lost my Dad suddenly last December.he was my entire world,my best friend,confidant,teacher and the list goes on. The world is such a lonely empty place without him.

I know people often say time time time but for me I think it's always going to be like this.there is no part of my life he wasn't a part of.

I don't care how long it's been for anyone who has lost someone,it's hard,tough,sad and lonely and nobody in this world has the right to tell anyone get over it,move on etc.the fact is some people feel this intense sadness for years,for life and all we do is simply try our best to live with it. I often think well I'm still in this world,my life,my outlook,my attitude is so very different now but the point is I am still here so I don't care what anyone else expects of me. 

You won't find anyone here judging you or how you feel,we just share with each other and I think it's a safe place to be honest without anyone having expectations which maybe we can not live up to.

I hope you will find some litte bit of comfort here.

Sending you love and hugs!


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WOW, Lonewolf, your post just proves the feelings we all feel - time does NOT heal all wounds. I am so sorry for the loss of your mom and dad. It is so much more painful than I ever expected. I lost my mom almost a year ago, Nov 30 and just lost my dad on Oct 4. Having lost both parents in less than a year is more than my brain and heart can handle. So, for now, all I can do is push it all down into my gut and just deal the best way I can. I know that it will have to come out sometime but, I just can't do it right now. I feel if I let all my emotions loose, I will just melt into a heap of nothing useful. I have two children who depend on me. I just don't know what to do sometimes.....

Anyway, lonewolf, please don't feel alone. This forum is so EXTREMELY helpful and we are all here to listen and NOT to judge at all.

There is no defined amount of time, if any, that determines when one will be "ok".


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