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I Miss Loki


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Loki was my beautiful black cat. He was 15 years old and just had a vet visit. I picked him up to cuddle him, he stiffend up and made a horrible noise. He was dead a minute later. We took him to an emergency vet and they said he either had a heart attack or stroke.

They tell me it wasn't my fault and that he would have had the heart attack even if I had not picked him up. Everyone tells me that at least he died when I was holding him, and that it was quick and it was better than a long drawn out process. I still can't get the image of his death out of my mind, and it disturbs me greatly.

I have 2 thirteen year old cats in the house, and now every time I hear them make a strange noise I have to go look to see if they are ok. I love all my pets, but I had a very special relationship with Loki. I miss him when I come home and he does not greet me any more. I would give anyting to be able to hold him again and hear his purr.

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Deb, I'm sorry you lost Loki, it must have been very hard to have him die like that, but yes it's better than long drawn out suffering. My cat George was 19 when he passed away, he had cancer and suffered so much at the end before he was finally diagnosed and I had him put to sleep...I held him when he went and am so glad I did, so I could comfort him and usher him into his next life, I'm so glad he's wasn't alone to go through it. I guess that's how you have to look at it, Loki must have found comfort that you were there when it was his turn to go.

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Thank you. I think he knew it was his time, he was very clingy for a week before he left me. We brought his ashes home yesterday, and I am slowly feeling better. I was truely blessed to have him in my life.

This has been a rough year, my father in law passed away after struggling with lung cancer. He was in so much pain that it was a relief that he had finally passed. (in fact every member of the family had said a prayer the day he left asking that his suffering be relieved).

I hope my days of crying in the car on the way home will end soon.

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I'm sorry you have so much to deal with right now. I hope your adjustment is as peaceful as it can be, I know you'll continue to miss them, that part doesn't go away. Consider yourself hugged!


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