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Christmas Gift From Mom

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Mom has been gone since Aug 2008. She didn't have a lot of money so every year she would make us something. She loved to make patchwork quilts and did so until the last year or so before she died. Two weeks ago I was going through a box and came across a patchwork pillow she had started but never finished. (She had everything done but stuffing it and closing.) My granddaughter and I stuffed the pillow and I closed it. It was like she was giving me another gift. The back of the patchwork pillow was a solid blue color like sky blue which matches the color in my guest room. ( I painted the room that color this summer.) It was almost like she knew in advance that I would find this undone pillow and it would perfectly match the room. I have been through that box several time but I do not remember ever seeing that before. Maybe I couldn't handle seeing it before now, or maybe it was just meant for this time??? Either way, I look at it as a final gift from mom.

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