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Dear Ones,

This morning I stumbled upon an extraordinary article by Barbara Platek that I'd like to share with all of you. It's an interview with psychotherapist and author Miriam Greenspan, who sees the dark experience of grief as carrying potentially profound spiritual lessons, and warns that the unattended emotions of grief can make us sick.

She "knows from experience how to befriend these emotions: fate has brought her the death of one child and the disability of another. Though she believes firmly in the idea that conscious suffering can deepen our connection to life and make us more compassionate people, Greenspan understands our tendency to turn away."

Greenspan says three basic skills are required to do the work of grief: attending to, befriending, and surrendering. Click here to read the entire article: Through a Glass Darkly: Miriam Greenspan on Moving from Grief to Gratitude

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Dear Marty,

Thank you for sharing this article. I am totally on board with this thinking. I too believe and have experience that the dark side of grief can provide opportunity for profound spirtual lessons and growth. I think the key is to move through them mindfully as she states.

Wonderful, just wonderful. I also agree that the unattended emotions of grief can make us sick.

Always illuminating Marty, I thank you.

Blessings and Courage, Carol Ann

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