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Hello~ I am new here as well. My mom passed away and about 3 months ago and I am now trying to figure out how to care for my dad. He is in so much pain and I have no idea how to help. He's very depressed, he's taken to drinking and pills. I'm concerned about him. I know he's in pain and he's lonely but I have no idea what to do to help him. My mom and him were married for 45 years.

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Dear One, I'm so sorry to learn of the death of your mother, and I certainly appreciate the concern you're now feeling for your dad ~ I'm sure this makes it even more difficult for you to tend to your own grief at the loss of your mother. I encourage you to explore some of the links you will find on the Caregiving page of my Grief Healing Web site, as there are dozens upon dozens of resources that will help you better understand and find your way through this. See, for example, Helen Fitzgerald's excellent article, Helping Your Grieving Parent~ and know that each person here is pulling for you, too.

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