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My 3 Month Old Baby


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i was just writin because it feels good. Me and my bf purchased a dog a month ago. A doxen/ chi wawa mix. he was so cute. born in april. My bf went to his apt last nite and lives upstairs. so he had to walk to car and took Jager ( the dog) with him. He walks down the stairs all the time. well i guess he lost control of himself and he feel down about two steps. My bf thought he was ok . picked him up walked to car back upstairs and put dog down. about 10 mins later or so he notcied dog wasnt acting like himself! so he picked him up and was very concerned he wasnt breathing like normal.

So off to the 24 Vet Hospital. They took xrays and said he had a pulmonary contusion. ( contusion to his lungs.) my bf was hysterical, and i wasnt there at the time. so he calls me and tells me there keeping him for 24 hrs to watch him and putting him on oxygen. So they put him on oxygen put a cathader in him and kept him. They called us at about 1am and said he had passed away. There was fluid on his lungs. ( my bf doesnt remember if they said that from the beginning or not). So my little 3 month old puppy is gone. I dont know how i feel about the 24 hr vet place and wether i think they did everything they could do. This is my first puppy and im just concerned. Ive been told by many people to look into things and see what i can do or not do. Wasnt sure if anyones ever been in this situation. Im at such a loss, its hard! I just dont know what to do anymore.

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I am very sorry to hear of your loss...your dog is now in heaven playing with my dog...i hate it when stuff happens to animals, it doesn't seem fair!

every experience I have had with the 24 hour vet has been similar to yours...there is only so much they can do at first...they just have to observe and monitor their condition...with certain injuries they just have to wait...

smile.gif truckgirl

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