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I watched what I think may have been the conclusion or end of the series Medium last night. In the episode Alison loses her husband in a plane crash and the majority of the show, shows her 7 years later - a lawyer raising her children (2 out of the house, one still a teenager). In it the youngest daughter is upset that Dad didn't come back - this is the Dubois family after all... So Alison starts thinking it's a mistake and starts believing he is had amnesia and is living in Mexico... In the end her husband does come and tell her that he is truly gone. She says, but I can't be just "me" without you... He replies "you have always been wonderful as your own person" and something like I'll be here waiting for you when the time is right... Fast forward to Alison in the Nursing Home and her peaceful, sudden death. Her husband comes and she joins him - not at her ripened old age - but at the age she was when he died, they kiss for eternity... I'm sorry to the script writers if I've bastardized their plot in this post. I know I cried and thought - now that is a nice reality to look forward to... Thought I'd share. Take care, Deb

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Thanks for posting this, Deb. I am sorry the show has ended, but what a fascinating show and interesting ending. This just touches on so much. I suggest everyone watch it. Brought up a lot of emotions for me. It is available at www.cbs.com. A reminder that life is eternal and others wait for us. What is also interesting it that it is based on the life of a real person Allison DuBois, who lives in Arizona with her husband Joe, and has her own website. Just caught the last show at their website this Sunday morning.

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