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My mother who I loved so much passed away about 9 months ago. I miss her so much. At the time of her death, I called my brother's old high school girlfriend, who had been with us for about 6 years into the 1970's to come to the funeral. My brother glared at her when he saw her at the funeral. Then, when she came to my house after the funeral, at first he would not even talk to her. Then, by the end of the afternoon he wanted to start dating her again. Then 3 months later, after all these years apart he wanted us to throw an engagement party for him! I was honest and said to both of them that I was reeling from my mother's death and could barely get through the day let alone feel up to throwing a celebration! They decided to postpone. Now we are only 9 months away from my mother's death and my brother (who is 53) announced to my father that he wants to move her in with him and my father next month while they save for a house.

I am sorry, I know this must sound selfish and petty, but emotionally it just ties me up inside that my mother has not even been gone a year and there will be another woman living in her house. Especially when my mother had issues with this person.

It is not that I am not happy that they may find happiness together after all these years. It is not that I do not believe in moving on at some point, but my God, can't people even let a year go by?

I will feel strange going over to my parents house and seeing her living in MY MOTHER's HOUSE, after she has only been gone 9 months!!

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wow...I think I would be feeling the same way! people do the craziest things and you can drive yourself crazy trying to figure out "why"...

just try to remember that your mother knows that you love her and that is all that matters....forget all the crazy stupid stuff that goes on and just focus on doing what it is that you need to do in order to grieve for her.

good luck!

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