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Can't Sleep

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Well here I am again. Almost 7:00 AM and I have not been to bed! I think that staying up is keeping me from facing the loneliness of being without my Mom. Life itself is very lonely without her. I can't take it!

My whole life feels and is different. I stay up almost all night every night. I don't know why. I am just in such shock from it all. It has been 8 months and still nothing. I don't feel much better and nobody I know seems to understand just how horrible this loss has been for me. I hardly talk to my siblings anymore and will continue to do so less and less because of the way they have been through this whole ordeal. They are trying to act like they care about me, but I am not buying it. I won't get started about it. But anyway, I think I have insomnia. Losing my Mom (and the house we lived in) is simply unbearable. I can't take it anymore!

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Guest Nicholas

Me too, so my GP prescribed sleeping tablets & I also take tranquilizers. Don't feel ashamed or anything about asking for medication to help, it is far better than exhausting yourself by not sleeping. If you absolutely refuse medication, there are also natural remedies such as valerian, passiflora, lemon balm, etc, plus listening to calming tapes/CDs may help too.

You are not alone!


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I'm with you too,I fall asleep before bedtime no problem but when it's time it like my brain wakes up and goes into overdrive.

Wish I had the answers i think I'm just kind of used to it now.mornings are hard to get up for work and weekend mornings I can't sleep in,it's all just topsy turvy.

I'm sorry Aquarius sending you big ((hugs))


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