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I was just wondering how everyone copes with work (and other responsibilities) on especially difficult days. For example, I know that Thursday is going to be difficult for me, and I'm not sure how to handle it. Do I ask to use a vacation day so that I can stay home? Do I call in "sick" that morning? Do I come to work and see how it goes and leave early if I need to?

I work in a very small office, and although they were understanding about me needing time off while my mom was in the hospital and right after the funeral, they're not the type of people to understand "having a bad day" -- people get talked about behind their backs (by the bosses!) when they're out with legitimate illnesses!

I guess I don't know if it's better to stay home and be alone, or to force myself to stick to a normal routine and push through it. What works best for you?

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Hi Erin

thinking of you for tmrw. I took quite a few 17ths off last year,especially when it was a Thursday.

Other times I went in but told myself i could leave if I needed.

I definitely wouldn't foRce anything,if you are not up to it tmrw don't go in,you need to be gentle with you and do whatever you need for yourself.

I plan some of those horrible days off still,Dads birthday in April,i'm also going to take the 17th when it's 18months,these are all extra tough days where sometimes it's just not possible to put on a face.

As for what others think and say,I hope you can just not care.....lucky for them if they have no idea of the true reality of the impact this has. There are times when I have wondered what others think of certain things about Me and my job now but I've learned to forget it and not care because they just don't know.it's awful to hear mgt are also talking like that but as long as your job wouldn't be in danger,let them talk,it's their ignorance.

You deal with these days in the way you need and want without forcing yourself into a situation that you don't want to be in.

Sending you a ((big hug of comfort)),I wish this week was over,


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My Honey always told me he wished I would go to work with my hair down once in a while, so everyone could see just how pretty it is. See, I usually put it up in a ponytail for functionality, he understood this. So when days like that come up for me, I do just as he wanted, I leave it down, to honor him. For some reason it helps me to feel closer to him and it makes the day a lil easier.


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