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Missing My Ty So Much


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Oh I really feel for you...I wish I could just make it all go away & our pets live forever. It does hurt so appallingly & our homes feel so wrong without them. For now all you may be able to do is go home & cry (I've done this)...but eventually we realise that our beloveds wouldn't want this for us, to grieve forever, & so we think about the good stuff & are so grateful for it. And maybe one day have a new friend, not to replace (never!) but to honour the one who's gone on before.

Just wanted to say I'm just so sorry you feel like this, it's hideous. One practical tip - leave the radio or something on when you go out so you don't come home to a quiet house.

Sending big hugs


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Dear one, I'm so very sorry for your loss, and you have our deepest sympathy. You are among kindred spirits here, as we all know the pain of losing a cherished animal companion. I hope you'll take the time to read through some of the other posts and threads in this forum, which will help you to feel understood, comforted and less alone. Have you found your way to the pages of my Grief Healing Web site? See especially some of the articles, resources and sites listed on this page: Pet Loss Articles. And I hope you'll share more of your story with us, including the details of what happened to your beloved boy. You'll find that we are here to listen . . .

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